The Start of the Journey

March of the Mods was just an idea in 2012. The idea is that in the month of March there will be events up and down the United Kingdom, all raising money and awareness for a chosen charity (Teenage Cancer Trust).

The idea began to grow in the early part of 2012 when people started asking about March of the Mods, wanting to know what it was about.  Before you knew it there were 16 volunteers to organise and host individual legs of #MOTMs. In 2013 there had been 17 events starting in Birmingham on 1st March and ending in Brighton on 30th March. In between these two dates, events were held in towns/cities up and down the country from Belfast, Cardiff, London, Glasgow, Tidworth, Hull and Cambridge to name just a few.

Each organiser planned, promoted and hosted their own event. Every event was down to the individuals as to how they wanted them to run. There has been fashion shows, scooter ride outs, raffles and auctions, but at every event there has been both original/cover bands and dj’s entertaining everyone who has attend. In total it has been 130 hours of music, with 95 bands and 33 dj’s having taken part and played for everyone’s enjoyment. Music from bands known and not so well known, from THE SCENE, The Universal, The Last of the Troubadours, Button Up, The Beat Movement and The Loop to name a few. Every single person who organised, played and attended made it what it was – a huge success.

Even before March 2013 had ended there were people asking if they could organise and host an event in their towns/cities.

The format will be exactly the same in respect that each individual organiser will plan and host their event, but overall it is a collective of like-minded people raising money and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust under the banner of March of the Mods