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Epic Studios & MOTM

How long has Epic Studios been going? Epic Studios was reborn in its current guise on May 4th 2012. In a previous life it was a TV studio for Anglia and then run by the council as a recording studio and digital hub. The facility was struggling in the light of the economic climate before…

MOTM DVD Cover Design

Who has an artistic flare? Who has a creative imagination? Who can come up with a cover design? Who would like to see their design on our March of the Mods DVD Cases? Please submit all entries by 1st November 2013 to info@marchofthemods.com

MOTM @ Epic Sessions (Recording of DVD)

This is a FREE event on Sunday 22nd September at Epic Studios, 114 Magadeln Street, Norwich, NR3 1JD. There will be FIVE bands playing for everyone’s delight, and this is going to be a session similar to that of ‘Jools Holland’. Anyone who like to be part of the interactive audience, please get in touch….