Epic Studios & MOTM


How long has Epic Studios been going?

Epic Studios was reborn in its current guise on May 4th 2012. In a previous life it was a TV studio for Anglia and then run by the council as a recording studio and digital hub. The facility was struggling in the light of the economic climate before being rescued by Jonathan Thursby, a successful technology and TV entrepreneur.

What sort of events, shows etc happen over at Epic Studios?

The range of activities includes:

i) major national acts such as a The Fall, Midge Ure, Steve Harley, Hawkwind, with attendances of up to 1200

ii) Big sized local acts such as Killamonjambo, Cielo and The Vagaband, with 500 crowds

iii) Smaller local acts ranging from acoustic, indie, punk, rock, metal etc

iv) Shooting professional music videos at a free or peppercorn rate for local acts. More than 80 bands have passed through our doors. A good example is De’Vide, who achieved success on The Voice, partly through being able to showcase their talents through our videos. We call the Epic Raw.

v) Making TV programmes such as Knightmare for the recent YouTube Geek Week

vi) Conferences and venue hire

vii) Sport ranging from MMA, pro boxing and pro wrestling

viii) Art installations, eg with the Norfolk and Norwich festiva;

ix) Theatre, musicials, jazz and classical concerts

x) Radio shows eg world rally radio

xi) We also host a college of several hundred students (Access to Music), and UEA media students We’ve run a number of shows for charity over the course of the year – ranging from breast cancer awareness, Movember, child cancer, Black History Month and more.

When did you first find out about MOTM? And what is your understanding of what MOTM does?

We were first approached about March of the Mods in late 2012 and set up a festival event with an organiser from a nearby shop. It seemed a brilliant idea, with the combination of national events, great music and charitable fund raising. It was around the time we were hosting From The Jam and it seemed a perfect fit. Some of our team have worked with the TCT before, and there is also the fact that we like the music! We are also keen to do events that are different to what else might be on.

What made Epic get involved with MOTM?

Once the idea was floated, we embraced it fully, with support across planning, artist booking, marketing and technical. This show started with a scooter ride out and we threw open all our space for a fashion show, stalls and memorabilia market, and an all day music festival, which we filmed and streamed for free to an audience of more than 5500 worldwide. The Teenage Cancer Trust received over 70 donations of at least £10 each from the streaming alone. We paid for marketing (posters, radio, leaflets and more), gave the entire building space for free, devoted hundreds of hours of staff time to the event, and provided full technical support. We charged only for the third part facilities which we had to hire in – namely a stage and the PA system.

What will Epic do to continue to be involved with MOTM?

We are currently recording some live performance DVDs for original bands and cover bands where bands have been filmed and recorded free of charge ready for a fundraising DVD. The first event was on September 22nd 2013 and the next session will be November 10th 2013 and we would love to invite people to watch how we create the DVD and experience some fantastic music. We’d love the event next year to be even bigger and better than before and welcome working with the MOTM to ensure that Norwich MOTM is the best in the country. Not least because we can stream it live so the show can be watched by anyone with internet connection on any device from anywhere in the UK, indeed the world and therefore raise more money for the charity and not forgetting a good time.

Thank you to Jonathan for his time, and of course all the hard work from everyone at Epic Studios and their continued support of MOTM.