Eddie Piller ‘The Man, The DJ & Acid Jazz Records’

the modcast-eddie pillerEddie Piller (modcast)

Tell us a little about yourself personally and creatively?

Well, it’s not often I get asked to explain myself but I will do my best! I have run a record label for the last 25 years – in fact we have just celebrated our anniversary! The label is called Acid Jazz and it’s my 4th label! I know that sounds alot but I started young!!!! I started on this path as a kid when my mother ran the Small faces fan club in the mid sixties but i didnt become a mod until 1979, mainly because of the Jam.

What were your highlights from Acid Jazz and The Modcast in 2013?

I haven’t really got any highlights because 2013 was a very dark year for me. In march I was diagnosed with throat cancer so I took 9 months off work to do my best to try to combat the disease. Actually, I had already done work for the Teenage Cancer Trust and so when I was affected by this awful disease, I turned to them for help and advice. I was very lucky in that I survived my treatment and will continue to put back into the charity whenever I can. It is literally a lifesaver.

What’s coming up for Acid Jazz and The Modcast in 2014?

Well, The Modcast is going from strength to strength at the moment. We have aquired a new sponsor – the Brighton modfest in May – and this has made things very exciting. Acid Jazz itself has had a long period away from me – which I am sure the people who work there think is a good thing – but we have some brilliant artists lined up. Not just Matt Berry and his folk based nuggets but we have also signed britpop/mod legend Mark Morriss, late of the Bluetones, who has made a folk influenced album that even Matt Deighton would be proud of. We also have great stuff from Dexters and New Street Adventure!!! As well as the legendary rare Mod series!

What are your thoughts on ‘The Scene’ now compared to ten years ago?


Maybe I’m not the best person to ask about the ‘scene’ – I have been a dj and radio presenter for the last 25 years and I find that this is enough to keep me interested!!! I just enjoy playing records for a job!!!

You’re doing a guest Dj slot at MOTM’s Hartlepool, how did this come about?

I was asked to play for the benefit of Teenage Cancer Trust and I was thrilled. I am also looking forward to djing with Stacie Stewart. Legend x.

What are your thoughts on what MOTM’s does?

It does what it does and I support and appreciate that.

We would like to thank Eddie Piller for taking the time to be interviewed for MOTM’s and his continued support of what we do. We wish him all the best for 2014. Eddie is kindly doing a guest DJ Spot at MOTM’s Hartlepool

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