Alan McGee – Music, Svengali & Trilby’s

img010Alan McGee


You’ve been involved with the ‘Music Industry’ for a long time, but for those who don’t know, how did you get involved and what has been your involvement over the year’s?

I got involved in music because I was a fan and was a bass player in a punk band at 16 and it moved on from there.

How do you think you have evolved within the ‘Music Industry’ over the year’s and how has the music industry changed over the last twenty years?

I had 5 years away from music and came back last year and really in 5 years it has almost completely changed but to me that makes it more interesting.

Your book ‘Creation Stories: Riot, Raves and Running A Label‘ is a very frank insightful read of you and creation records, but what made you write this?

No idea other than there was enough time after creation records to actually evaluate what it was that creation was.

What has made you return to the ‘Music Industry’ after leaving it a few years ago?

I got ill and was in bed for 3 months, I got better after going to see a harley street doctor that rebooted my immune system and I did the book/started a label and am going to start up a management company again.

So what is happening with your new label ‘359 Music‘?

We just signed Sourya/Jaq Tallier and Mz Moxy, so I am enjoying working with cherry red and signing up new artists.

What artist’s on your label should we look out for?

Radio seem to love the parisian band Sourya, so you will be hearing them soon.

What are your plans for 2014 with regard to Music?

All will be revealed soon.

You have a cameo role in the forthcoming movie ‘Svengali‘, how did this come about?

I was friends with somebody and was asked and it fell into place as a film.

Was it intentional to always been seen wearing your trilby in the film?

No I got into hats for 9 years now, I like the skinhead look.

We had the pleasure of meeting Alan McGee at the Premiere of ‘Svengali’. The Signed poster will be going up for auction on our website, with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Thank you Alan for taking the time for this interview.